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Q & A

QWhat age group do you take for individual therapy?
AWe teach from age 2 years old through high school students.
QMy child has school weekdays, so we prefer to have sessions on weekends.
AWe work weekends as well.
QIs it possible to switch the days and the therapy frequency?
AYes, we are happy to make changes if there is no conflict with other students. You may change the frequency at any time and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.
QWhat kinds of services are provided?
AWe provide School Readiness, Toilet Training, Social Skills, Academics, Self-care, Sex education and Independence skills.
QDo you teach play skills for the children?
AYes, of course! We employ a range of different approaches for children with ASD and children with Down syndrome. Generally speaking, we follow J. Piaget’s philosophy for teaching play skills. We also work closely with family members to design the best play therapy for your child.
QDo you teach academics?
AYes. We offer individualized programs to meet individual needs for math, English and Japanese.
QDo you teach social skills?
AYes. Social skills are very important for developing good relationships with friends and enhancing play; therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on social skills.
QDo you provide any support for the family members including parents and siblings?
AYes. We provide parent training as well as sibling education. Siblings often struggle with knowledge about disabilities, how to support their brother or sister, how to talk to their friends, and how to take care of their own needs and maintain their own emotional balance. All of these topics will be covered during sibling therapy or discussion time.
QMy child has stopped going to school.
AWe don’t have a specific program for Futoko (the child who has stopped going to school). However, we can provide BGM exercises and/or discussion therapy to help overcome this obstacle.
QDo you provide diagnosis?
AWe don’t include diagnoses with our services. Please visit your own doctor to attain a diagnosis.
QDo you provide formal assessment?
AWe don’t provide formal assessment. Please find a psychologist near you to inquire about formal assessment.

About Ensemble

Ensemble provides one-on-one therapy for children facing challenges related to physical movement, social skills or academic based learning. The sessions are designed to draw out each child’s greatest potential.


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