In French, ensemble means “together.” Here we focus on the harmony unique to each child and
discover, together with the therapist, the right music for each individual.


Aya Takemura

M.Ed. Brain Gym Instructor

After graduating from Osaka Aoyama Junior College, Aya Takemura continued her studies in the U.S., becoming fluent in English. While interning for Water Planet, a Florida based organization that provides Dolphin therapy for children with autism and their families, she decided to turn her career focus to working with children with disabilities. She majored in Early Childhood Education as an undergraduate and Special Education and Early Childhood Education as a graduate student at Columbia University. She received her Master of Education at Columbia University. Her professional and educational background include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), TEACCH, PECS, and social skills. Returning to Japan in 2012, she began working as a supervisor and therapist at the Nagoya Kids Academy Colon. Since becoming a licensed Brain Gym (BGM) instructor in 2015, she has incorporated BGM into her therapy for individuals with disabilities. She has co-translated “Lost at School” by Dr. Ross W. Greene, from English into Japanese, and is currently working on a translation of “I am the Child” by Cecilia Koester M.Ed.

About Ensemble

Ensemble provides one-on-one therapy for children facing challenges related to physical movement, social skills or academic based learning. The sessions are designed to draw out each child’s greatest potential.


Hirado-cho 582-12, Totsuka-ku,
Yokohama-city, Kanagawa-ken 244-0803