Building Block Activities for Educators ~Brain Gym for children who have speicail needs


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Building Block Activities


What is Building Block Activity (BBA) ?
BBA consists of seven passive movements, which include body and face tapping and massages. The movements are very safe and easy to do, and beneficial for babies, small children and children with disabilities. The BBA method is based on developmental movement patterns related to integration of the different parts of the body. It is a useful tool for educators, therapists and parents.

Creating New Patterns
We each of us have our own patterns of how to think, feel, behave, and use our bodies. Some children have a hard time focusing. Some throw tantrums when they are uncomfortable or anxious. Some children freeze up when they face difficult situations. Some lack variety in their play routine. It is important to introduce new patterns of thinking and behavior to encourage growth in all directions.

Cecilia Koester, M.Ed.
Cecilia Koester has worked as a teacher of children who have special needs both in public schools and in private practice settings since 1979.
She has guided parents, teachers and therapists in the use of specific strategies to help children who have special needs achieve their greatest potential. Her publications include the book: I am the child: Using Brain Gym with Children who have special needs.

Date: May 29th (Sat), 2016
Time: 9-18pm (1 hour lunch break)
Cost: 19,440 yen
Location: Genius Love Seminar Room (Higashitotuka)
Instructor: Aya Takemura
Please bring your own water, yoga mat and colored pencils.
Contact at to make a reservation.

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About Ensemble

Ensemble provides one-on-one therapy for children facing challenges related to physical movement, social skills or academic based learning. The sessions are designed to draw out each child’s greatest potential.


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