Ensemble provides one-on-one therapy for children who have some difficulty relating to physical movement and play. The sessions are designed to draw out each child’s greatest potential.

Individual Program

Each child has different interests, strengths, and learning style. From the three main development areas – balance and movement, language and cognitive development - we focus on fluid integration.

Approaching the body

During each session, we use Brain Gym (BGM) to activate the brain through movement. It's effective for eye-hand coordination, communication, social skills, and attention.

Fun is the key for learning

Having fun is the key for maximizing learning. When the child is having fun, the brain is activated, which helps relax the body, enhance communication and improve social relationships.

Let's do BGM with the whole family!

We will teach BGM exercises for the family to continue using at home. BGM will bring an emotional balance that will create harmony among the family members.